Laguna Beach’s Tire and Wheel Repair Garage

Laguna Niguel Auto Collision is an award-winning tire and wheel company located in the heart of Laguna Beach. We are the preferred repair specialists for drivers across Laguna Beach as well as numerous car dealerships and car rental depots. Our team of fully trained repair technicians is versed in every aspect of the repair process and has the experience and skill to fix even the most challenging of tasks. We promise to restore cracked wheel rims, eroded tire treads and all other issues in a quick and effective manner. What’s more, the flexible nature of our business means that we open until 9:00 p.m. each night with an additional service available on weekends at no extra cost. For us, our priority has always been extreme customer satisfaction, that is why we will ensure that your vehicle receives the tire and wheel repair work it needs.

Securing Against Bent Rims

One of the most common issues that Laguna Beach drivers come to us with is damaged or bent rims. The rim on your wheel can become bent and out of shape for a number of reasons. The most common reason that this might occur relates to potholes. We are fortunate in Laguna Beach that our roads are maintained to a very high standard. Nonetheless, with our harsh winter accidents can and do occur. That is where we come in. If your wheel’s rim has been damaged we can use our state of the art hydraulic press to return it to its original shape. In general, most rim cracks can be repaired using welding and do not require this press, however with more serious dents the press can be a great help. In general a rim repair job with Laguna Niguel Auto Collision will take less than three days but additional time may be needed if there is extensive damage. Equally, if the customer chooses to have their rim repainted and re-machined then this will also take further time to complete.

12-Month Warranty on All Our Workmanship

At Laguna Niguel Auto Collision we take what we do very seriously and we are proud of the standard of our tire and wheel repair service that has made us one of the leading garages across Laguna Beach.

However, it is important to back these words up with action and that is what we do. When you visit Laguna Niguel Auto Collision for our award-winning service you do so knowing that all of our workmanship comes protected with an 12-month warranty. What this means is that we will guarantee a warranty for any future tire or wheel related issues that occur in the following 12 months that happen as a direct result of our workmanship. Obviously, any damage or negligence on the driver’s part that wasn’t our doing will not be covered. We undertake standard tests to confirm the validity of any claim.